There have been many changes over the past year since moving to St. Petersburg, and I have been concentrating on custom orders, shows, and settling into a new workspace. I hope to begin teaching again in the near future, and appreciate your patience while I go through the necessary changes and transition of moving.

Future students who are interested in exploring this amazing artform can contact me by filling out the Interest Form below and indicating your interest level.  I will be happy to provide you more information when I receive your email.

Apprenticeship Info: 

The skills and techniques one will learn behind the flame are invaluable! Being able to make a living with your hands, creatively, while pursuing a career in flamework art presents a unique opportunity for the right people.  

Applications and cost of starting six month apprenticeship are available upon request via the interest form on the right.

  • Flamework Sculpture Classes and Workshop Info:
  •  I offer lessons on an individual basis from beginning to advanced sculpture. You will leave with your own sculpture!
  • Beginner's flamework sculpture classes include:
  • Working with a premix National torch to build basic skills.
  • Basic beginning techniques
    • Working with a variety of clear and colored rods
    • Fusing/heat application
    • Applying frit 
    • Making mini and small sculpture
  • Advanced Flamework sculpture classes include::​
  • Furthering techniques in fusing and hand positions/angles
  • Building larger/more complex sculptures
  • Color rod/frit knowledge and applications of color layering  
  • Building endurance behind flame
  • Working on GTT Phantom torch and national torch to make more detailed sculpture  
  • Please fill out the Interest form if you want to learn more about three hour, 1/2 day, or full day workshop,.  There are certain times of the year in which classes are offered. Please contact me for additional information regarding schedule.
  •  3 hour workshop -  $125.00/person
  •  1/2 day workshop - (5 hrs.) $200.00/person 
  •  Full day workshop - 10 AM - 6 PM  $300.00/person
  •  If you are interested in sessions over the course of a week or more, please contact me regarding discounted pricing.

Please fill out the form below to help specify your interest level in the Cech "School of Glass."