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Cech Glass, Inc.

Melanie Cech--Glass Sculpture Artist

Fine Glass Sculpture And Jewelry

My work will continue to appreciate based upon the continued

increase in demand, thanks to customers like you that see the true beauty in my art! 

       I will be taking a break from art shows over the summer, but hope to still be able to display at a couple of larger shows and events throughout the fall/winter season. Please continue to check back frequently to view new work and show schedule. Thank you.

Flameworked Glass Sculpture

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I have been working with glass for over twenty five years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning this amazing art! My flameworked glass sculptures are designed with quality, originality, and excellence.  I treasure the relationships I have built with my valued customers and friends, and I hope to continue creating these beautiful pieces that can be found in homes all over the world! 

I create each piece with VISION, CREATIVITY, AND STRENGTH, which continues to be a theme of how I live my life.  My signature design, the glass Nautilus, represents the organization and patterns that are found in nature and life. Some varieties of this design are available in the Salvador Dali Museum gift shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. Please look for them in the display case during your next visit to the museum, as well as in other galleries and stores that carry my work. Gift store locations can be found under the Gift Shops and Galleries tab on this website. Please call them for availability and when they receive new shipments of my work.

All pieces are made from Pyrex, or borosilicate glass, and then trimmed with 22kt gold, and annealed in a kiln which fires the gold into the glass, enhancing the details and edges of the unique design. Each are one-of-a-kind, and custom made when ordered by Melanie.

Please feel free to browse through the photo gallery andshop online by visiting 

  I personally receive all online orders and appreciate your patience.  Thank you for your business and support!


Have a good story to share with me?  Did I make a piece that made someone smile when they received it? Did I take care of a situation or problem in a fast and offer great customer service? If you have something you'd like to share with me, email me your testimonial and I will include yours on my website for others to read.  Email me at I always try my best to keep up with my customers and give you excellent customer service.   I appreciate all of my loyal customers who continue to make my business a success! Thank you!


Note from the Artist:

"I love watching the glass melt as my hands dance around the fire!  There is a calming energy I receive from melting and manipulating glass in the flame, as it quickly turns into a delicate design brought to life by the balance of the heat and my hands.  My work is a reflection of, and is inspired by, my love for the sun, the sand, the sea, and the life that surrounds it.  I am passionate about making original, quality glass artwork that is accessible to people from all over the world."  

Melanie Cech

Never Stop Creating!

I am happy now to be settled in my new workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida.  St. Pete is a fast growing city with an emphasis on local art, small and large business growth, diversity, and tourism.  With a fresh outlook on the future and all of the changes that have taken place over the last year, I have a new focus on the direction of my company. My desire to be a part of small business growth here in the Tampa Bay area has brought about some exciting opportunities for me that I will share with you in the near future. But my passion for flameworked glass sculpture is alive and well,  and so I will continue to bring my loyal customers the same quality and originality that you have come to love!  Although I will be cutting back on travel after many years of exhibiting at shows almost every month around the state, my website, social media, email campaigns and word of mouth will work as a link for you to keep in touch and buy the beautiful art you desire. Please subscribe to the email newletters for all updates on the changes.