Starfish aqua gold speckled on lettuce coral
Starfish set Peach Gold Speckled

Christmas Earrings/Bundle of Four   -  $150.


Have a good story to share with me?  Did I make a piece that made someone smile when they received it? Did I take care of a situation or problem in a fast and offer great customer service? If you have something you'd like to share with me, email me your testimonial and I will include yours on my website for others to read.  Email me at I always try my best to keep up with my customers and give you excellent customer service.   I appreciate all of my loyal customers who continue to make my business a success! Thank you! 


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Cech Glass, Inc.

Melanie L. Cech/Owner

Glass Sculpture Artist

Fine Glass Sculpture And Jewelry

Starfish Aqua teal gold speckled on lettuce Coral  -  $249.00

"I love watching the glass melt as my hands dance around the fire!  There is a calming energy I receive from melting and manipulating glass in the flame, as it quickly turns into a delicate design brought to life by the balance of the heat and my hands.  My work is a reflection of and inspired by my love for the sun, the sand, the beach.  I am passionate about making original, quality glass artwork that is accessible to people from all over the world."  

Melanie Cech

Never Stop Creating!

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Starfish set/peach gold speckled

Earrings    -   $48.

Pendant   -    $35.

Saks Fifth Avenue/Key for the Cure Event 

​Available Artwork

October, 2018

"Mermaid Dreamland" on MIrror Base  -   1/5


 Contact me at  352-279-3191

Christmas earrings/Bundle of four

My work will continue to appreciate based upon the continued increase in demand, thanks to customers like you that see the true beauty in my art.

​​Seahorses in Aqua Frit and cobalt with Seagrasses on Brown Stem coral   -  $365.

Pearl Nautilus, Large, with Aqua and Blue tendrils on White Branch Coral  - $1125.

Available for hand delivery or pick up only

Mermaid Dreamland on Mirror Base

Let's connect! View my profile and contact me on LinkedIn, on Twitter @cech_Melanie, Facebook, or email me All pieces shown on the website or featured on the online store are original, and pieces ordered will be made in a similar design and fashion, but will always be made with the utmost quality and originality. I specialize in recreating sea life in sculpture and jewelry but have also enjoyed making many custom pieces including my "Soulsisters" series and other freeform designs. 

Pearl Nautilus with glass and sandstone (or mushroom coral) Base 

"When I found a wonderful piece of cypress wood my first thought was to have Melanie turn it  into a centerpiece for my home.  She created the most amazing underwater fantasy! Her work and attention to detail is spot on! I know that this will be one of my most cherished pieces of art. Thank you so much! " 

- Maggie Loving,  Jan. 2018

I have been designing and working with glass since 1990.  Flameworking, or torch work, is a beautiful artform adored by many! I have always been fascincated by glass and it's ability to be formed, or sculpted, into a beautiful design in such a short period of time. The delicate nature of the glass, as well as it's strength, makes it perfect for me to create designs that reflect my love for the islands, the beach, the sea, and my Florida home. Original sculptures and jewelry are made with borosolicate (boro) clear and colored glass rods and frit, or crushed glass, melted and shaped in a 3000 degree flame, trimmed with a touch of 22kt gold to enhance the edges, and annealed for durability. Most pieces are mounted to corals and natural stones to give a one of a kind setting and added strength to the piece. View and shop the online store and I hope you will find something you will love to add to your own personal collection. ​I've also added $25.00 and $50.00 Gift cards towards any of my artwork or custom pieces. Just purchase through the online store and put the recipient's name in the subject line, and I will contact them for details or customization. 

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 I was honored to be invited by Saks Fifth Avenue to be 1 of 3 local artists featured at the Key for the Cure event in Sarasota last week. You can view some of the pics from the event and some of the beautiful pieces available and in stock now in the slideshow on this page.  Please email or contact me to purchase these unique pieces made for the exhibit. Some of them are posted on the online store.........visit  

 I create each piece with VISION, CREATIVITY, AND STRENGTH.  Mysignature design, the Glass Spiral or Nautilus, which is represented in my logo, highlights the organization and patterns found in nature and life. Please see more about this on "The Artist" tab.

Testimonial: "She (my wife) LOVED the Nautilus piece.  She had tears in her eyes.  I gave my daughter the medium sized one and placed it  next to it for display. I told my daughter that she would get it once she had her own home one day. I gave Sharon's mother the smaller one to remember Sharon's birthday, and Sharon's sister the other one for the same reason. Tears were had by all of the ladies (happy tears!) They are all beautiful! You did such a wonderful job on them all. I wired in a special light for the area that we are displaying it at my home. They really add a beautiful aspect to my living room and are a main display piece."